02 February 2010

What makes a Bronze Sculpture Controversial?

If you visit enough parks, museums, or public spaces, eventually you're going to come upon a sculpture, statue, or even a fountain that may be deemed "controversial" But what makes it controversial? Is it just the subject matter or the way a subject is portrayed? Or maybe it's just the reaction it produces from the people that see it. Human nature is to project our belief systems onto others and what would be taboo to some is perfectly acceptable to others. A realistic bronze sculpture of a nude woman is a perfect example. Some see the nude body as a work of art in of itself, which should be celebrated as such. Others view it as nothing more than an attempt to exploit and titilate in order to gain some sort of fame. So, does the controversy lay with the piece or viewer's perception of it? The next time you come across a "controversial" statue or fountain ask yourself who's making it into a big deal, the artist, or you.

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