05 February 2010

Doing our part to be a Green company

Nowadays, being a "green" company is almost as important as being an upstanding, customer friendly one. Here at bigbronze.com we try and do our part; we're always using boxes discarded by other companies in our complex to ship our smaller pieces and we almost exclusively use wooden pallets that were used as the base of our crates for the larger pieces we ship. Both these items would become landfill if we didn't step in and recycle them for our own use. We've also kind of taken it upon ourselves to sort of recycle people too. By that I mean we offer jobs to individuals that would otherwise have little prospect for finding work. These men are often down on their luck or dealing with personal issues that make them not desireable for a traditional 9-5 type of job. We give them the chance to make an honest days wage for an honest days work and to have something to take pride in.

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