04 February 2010

Buying a Bronze Sculpture 101: Installing Your Statue

After you've purchased your new bronze sculpture, statue, or fountain you'll be asking yourself, "Now what do I do with it?" We constantly get asked what the best way to mount one of pieces is. And, really, there are many answers which is why we don't generally recommend a specific way. This is mostly because each location and use for the bronze is very different. What works in one place may not be a good idea in another. As the customer you'll need to assess what you'll be doing with the bronze and which installation is appropriate. Mounting brackets can be welded to the piece and then bolted to a concrete slab, the base can be drilled allowing an anchor bolt to be fed through. We've had customers simply sink a steel pipe filled with concrete and a bolt sticking out which was set in place through a hole in the base. Another method is to bolt a metal plate to a concrete slab and then have the piece welded to the plate. Construction grade apoxy, which hardens harder than concrete, can be used. The bases are hollow on nearly all pieces and we've actually had people fill the cavity with concrete to weigh the piece down. So, as you can see, the methods are as varied as the styles we offer. We recommend you consult a local landscape designer or specialist who should have some experience mounting sculptures in your area. Their knowledge will be invaluable to making sure your new bronze gets installed the best way for your need and ensure it looks good for many years to come. An example of this is our mermaid and dolphin piece that was installed for a homeowner in florida.


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