24 February 2010

Garden Trends 2010: Creating an outdoor living space with sculpture

With a ever shrinking economy, the shift in focus to create a backyard oasis or "room" has become extremely popular. Experts urge people to really take advantage of the spaces we have and really utilize them for maximum enjoyment. Bold colors and edible gardens are replacing boring drab grasses and shrubs. But like any well decorated room, there has to be some points of interest to embelish the natural beauty of the garden and landscaping.

Enter garden art. Especially metal sculptures and fountains. They are an easy way to add to the serenity and overall theme of your backyard paradise. The possibilities are endless, as are some of the prices! Metal sculpture, such as bronze, is great because it is low maintainence and very durable. It goes well in virtually every setting and can be purchased for bargain prices. They also come in a wide variety of themes including nautical, classical, equestrian, eastern and asian, and wildlife styles.


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