23 February 2010

Bronze Sculpture 101: Fixing minor blemishes

In this post we'll be talking about repairing and/or maintaining your bronze sculpture in the event that something happens to it. Bronze is a very durable, long lasting metal that ages well. However, it's not indestructible. On occasion, some wearing or scratching of the patina may occur; during movement of the piece from one location to another. And, rarely, cracking can occur when when the weld holding two parts of the sculpture together comes loose. The beautiful part about bronze is that these are both very easily corrected. For scratches and scrapes that may remove the patina down to the bare metal, just a simple re-patination is all that's required. For minor cracks, the area around the crack has to be sanded to the bare metal then brazed and welded. Once the weld is done and smoothed, a simple re-patination is done and the piece will look as good as new. Preventative maintainance goes a long way in preventing these type of issues from occurring. Being careful when moving the piece and putting a protective coating on will help your sculpture stand up to the elements and last for many many years to come.


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