18 February 2010

Product Focus: Equestrian Sculptures, Statues, and Fountains

One of our most popular product lines are sculptures, statues, and fountains that focus on an equestrian theme. Horses seem to strike a chord with people. The majestic, powerful, and graceful nature of these animals is used as a symbol for a broad range of reasons. It may be used as a school mascot or professional team, to symbolize what industry a ranch or training facility specializes in, even as the marquee of a community or business or simply as an addition to a park or public space. When people see a sculpture or fountain that features horses they just seem to swell with pride. These animals have almost become as much a symbol of the American way as the Bald Eagle. If you have a ranch, school, or business with an equestrian theme there are few better ways to draw attention than a large bronze statue or fountain.


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