27 January 2010

Discount Bargains for Bronze Sculpture, Statues, and Fountains. The time to buy is NOW

The economy has affected everybody. Prices have fallen on homes, cars, and many other items. Bronze statues and fountains are no different. When we began selling our pieces we were primarily a wholesaler catering to websites and landscaping firms. Now, due to the tough economy, we have shifted our focus to retailing directly to the consumer at wholesale pricing. If you're looking to buy a bronze statue, sculpture, or fountain, NOW is the time to buy. We are offering prices far below what we have ever offered in the past. Even as our costs continue to rise due to the ever increasing copper prices we are offering discounts. People have become tired of going through a "middle man" and paying for it. A company like ours is unique because we actually stock our items and have long standing relationships with foundries all over the world which ensures we always give you the maximum discounted price possible. You can get wildlife statues, sculptures of children, and beautiful fountains for your landscape or public area at a price that is unmatched anywhere.

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