11 January 2010

Buying a Bronze Sculpture 101: Artist vs. Wholesale

A question brought to us a lot is,"Who is the artist?" or "Is the piece signed?" The idea that you are owning a one of a kind or limited edition piece from an established artist is very appealing to people. However, the price that goes along with owning one of these "artist" originals isn't appealing at all. And there in lies the major difference with owning an artist's bronze sculpture vs. a wholesale bronze sculpture, the price. Bronze art sculptures, statues, and fountains are all made the same way with the same materials, whether they are hot cast or cold cast. With an artist piece you're paying for the name, or reputation. When you buy from a wholesaler, you're paying for the bronze, and not the artist's ego. The quality of the pieces are virtually the same. In fact, many of the foundries that create the pieces sold at a wholesaler are used to make the limited editions sold by an artist at a fancy gallery. The only other difference between an artist's bronze and a wholesale bronze is quantity. Generally artist pieces are done in very limited editions whereas wholesale pieces are done in quantity. Both have inherent value that will increase over time as metal prices increase. So, before you make your purchase, decide what you're really after, a piece you can sit back and enjoy knowing you paid a fair price for, or an artist piece you can enjoy, but hope you didn't pay too much and whether the artist's name will grow. Either way, they're both bronze and will last a lifetime and longer. It's just a matter of the price you want to pay.


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