25 January 2010

Buying Bronze Sculpture 101: Preserving Your Bronze

After you purchase your new bronze sculpture, statue, or fountain you'll want to ensure that it keeps its beautiful look for many years to come. Now, you may want to leave the piece alone and have it naturally "age" over time. A lot of people like the pieces even more once they begin to get that Statue of Liberty look to them. If you're one of these people, just sit back and enjoy your piece as is and it will weather over time. However, if you'd like the piece to retain its original look, like our Eagle, some protection will be required. When these piece are created they're polished with a wax like Kiwi Boot polish which gives them that beautiful luster. Eventually, that initial coating will wear off and the weathering process will begin. To prevent this you can put on a new coating of the same type of polish, plain paste wax, or a clear spray on laquer. We recommend Permalac. It comes in a spray can and is easy to apply. You definitely never NEVER want to use any automotive grade waxes or abrasives as it will remove the finish rather than protect it. A little simple maintenance every few years will keep your bronze looking as good as the day you bought it!


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