26 January 2010

Bronze Statues and Sculptures are Perfect as a School or Club Mascot

Bronze sculptures and statues and mascots go hand in hand. Many of the pieces we have, especially the life-size and larger than life animals, are perfectly suited for use as the symbol for schools or organizations. Eagles, Tigers, and other animals are all represented in school sports and nearly all are readily available in bronze in virtually every size. Bronze fits so well due to its durability, beauty, and sheer impact it can make sitting on top of a well made pedestal. Plus, since bronze is such a flexible medium, it's easy to create custom pieces that look just like the costumed version of a the mascot that runs the sidelines. These symbols, in the proper setting, will instill pride within the student body or organization and be the envy of any school or club that doesn't have one of their own. If you want to make an impact and have a symbol that will last for generations, a bronze sculpture is the way to go.


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