22 January 2010

Buying Bronze Sculpture 101: Accent or Impact?

When you make the decision to purchase a bronze sculpture, statue, or fountain the most important question to ask yourself is, "What am I going for?" This simple question can go a long way to helping you narrow down your search and make the process much less stressful. There's basically two trains of thought, " Do I want a subtle yet pleasing accent or do I want to make an impact!?" You should sit down and take a look at your specific need to figure this out. A small garden with a water feature? You may want to get a piece like the heron, pictured, that will add beauty yet not overpower the landscape. Have a business you'd like to see get more attention? A large bronze statue like our charging bull, pictured above, would be the way to go. A piece like that is sure to get the attention of passers by as well as your clientele. A piece that large will make much more of an impact than a flat sign, no matter how fancy. And often, it's cheaper than a sign! The same holds true with a bronze fountain. Is it going to be the focal point of the space it's in or add to the overall ambience? Just a quick evaluation will help you to decide which direction you need to go in and make the buying process a good one!


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