20 January 2010

Buying Bronze Sculpture 101: Price vs. Quality

When you decide to add a piece of bronze sculpture, statue, or a fountain to your landscape or home decor you want to know that you're getting a quality item. Bronze is an investment and it's not a cheap one. However, a gallery piece with an astronomical price tag doesn't always guarantee that it's well made. Vice versa, a "wholesale discount" piece doesn't mean that it's poorly made. Many people have an aversion to purchasing items that were made overseas because the belief is that it's probably not very well made. And, in some cases, this is true. This is why due diligence is very important. A reputable dealer with a history of happy customers should go a long way toward easing any worries you may have as to the quality of the sculptures and art they are selling. Often times, the overseas artisans and foundries were trained in the states and then went back home to build their business there. Also, the prices often reflect the cost of doing business in a certain country. The cost of living, average pay, and overhead all play major factors in the cost you must pay. So, the next time your in the market for a bronze sculpture or fountain, knowing fact from fiction should help you get the best price and best quality piece for the price.


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