13 April 2010

Phillies fans to honor Harry Kalas with memorial bronze statue

The late Harry Kalas is being honored by his devoted fans with a memorial bronze sculpture to be donated to the Philadelphia Phillies organization. A website has been created to raise the $80k plus it will take to make this happen. A local artist has been hired after taking it upon himself to create a model after seeing a petition online to have a statue created. While this is all very moving and sincere, these fans could have obtained the sculpture at a fraction of the price if they shopped around a bit. Here at bigbronze.com we can create custom works as well but for a lot less than the $80,000 the fans of philadelphia are paying. And our pieces are of no less quality than the ones made by a famous artist. The difference is you pay for a name when you commission a known artist. We don't charge for the privelage of our services, just the service itself. So, if you're in the market for a custom piece to honor someone or some thing, save yourself a substantial amount by giving us a call first and getting the most bang for your buck.



  1. Can you say generic? where are your sculptor's from China?