30 March 2010

Times they are a changin'. The economy and Small Business

The economical downturn has created a difficult situation for everybody, but maybe especially the small business. Spending is WAY down. Debts are way up. Not a good combination for a small business owner that needs those non existent dollars to survive. And, since desperate times call for desperate measures that meant adjusting our business strategy. For the first three quarters of our existence as a foundry direct source for bronze sculptures and fountains we were predominantly a strictly wholesale distributor that catered to the needs of the online store. These are people that have set up a website where people can purchase the items but have no actual inventory of their own. They buy from us and then sell the pieces on their sites for a profit, the definition of a middle man. Since the economical shift however, many of those middlemen either folded or began selling smaller items with less of a mark up. This forced us to change our thinking as well. Since we can no longer rely on our wholesale customers for orders we began positioning ourselves as a foundry direct Retailer with wholesale pricing. Which is true. We are foundry direct and we do offer wholesale pricing, sometimes below wholesale pricing. In fact, probably 90% of our business is now done as a retailer. Adjusting with the times is what has enabled us to continue to survive and sell our items in spite of an economy that dictates otherwise. And it's why we are proud to say we have the best pricing on the web.

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