08 March 2010

Chilean Earthquake to impact Bronze Sculpture Pricing and Availability

The recent earthquake in Chile will most certainly have a far reaching affect on many people and industries. One of those industries that is certain to be affected are the bronze foundry and sculpture businesses that provide art, public statuary, and fountains. Vast copper mines have been virtually shut down by the recent earthquake which has already taken hundreds of lives and caused a massive amount of damage to the country's infrastructure. What this means for the foundries and statuary dealers around the world is an almost certain major hike in prices due to the loss of copper, which is essential to the creation of bronze. The price of copper has nearly tripled in the last 2 months alone, and that was BEFORE the earthquake. There's no telling where this will send the pricing. If you're looking to add a bronze statue or fountain to your park, garden, or landscape, NOW is the time to buy. Pricing at many places will stay the same for in-stock items but newer or re-orders of the same piece may be double the price. Being hesitant to commit may really cost you where it hurts the most, your wallet.


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