19 September 2013

Warning About Buying LED signs from China

As we are the lowest price for full color, L.E.D. signs, billboards, tickers and more.  Back in November of 2012, we checked out a company over in Shenzhen called ERALED Optoelectronics about a glass, P20 LED sign for a window.  Was a great deal, saw nothing bad on them digging around on the internet and gave it try so we had something different to offer customers.

In December, we received the sign, the crate looked good and once we open, we realized the plexiglass had cracks on it from shipping or packaging, we were not sure but no big deal.  As I got the sign out and wired up, nothing would work.  We fought with it, called and emailed ERALED and their tech support could not figure it out and I had to talk to the one supplier of theirs who does the software.

After a number of months, we worked on this, worked late into the night with them and having outside companies attempt to fix it and NOTHING.  With many Skype calls, messages, emails and such, got in touch with a Vice President of the company who told me to buy more modules.  We said they should back up their products like every other corporation does over there but nothing.  Over time we were told to ship the modules back, all 16 of them and they would send brand new ones once the damaged ones were received.  Once we got an agreement on this, I packaged them up and sent them over to their place in Shenzhen.  Weeks went by and we kept emailing them asking where are our modules were then finally were told that they had trouble fixing them, a couple got damaged but were able to fix half and we would get the other ones brand new ready to go.

Last week, we received them, the modules were packaged nicely and once I started opening the second package inside, I noticed all of the modules were damaged severely and were not usable in any way at all.  Now we are in a loss of over $10,000.00 dollars and no one at ERALED will get back to me as the shipping company said they have to put in a claim.  They will not answer their emails, skype calls or skype messages at all but they keep emailing us about new products which is highly irritating.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Shenzhen ERALED Optoelectronics CO in Shenzhen China.  We took a change and was not worth it at all.  Their site is www.eraled.biz so watch out and to this point now we are still trying to get resolution and wanted to share the world about this situation to help someone considering anything they offer, not to waste your money with them.

We do full color, graphics, video LED advertising signs, billboards, tickers and custom creations from small walkway signs to giant building size screens for indoor or outdoor.  Contact us for a quote as we can make any size, anyway you want.

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