23 November 2010

Cigar Store Indians, What elese can you make with wood?

It is amazing what can be made with wood. From simple decorative items to entire buildings or bridges.Even early cars were made from wood. Wood has always been one of the strongest and versatile building materials.Still wood is king!
Let's build this thing
Wood is an amazing material — it's strong, malleable, and it literally grows on (or should I say, in?) trees. Depending on the type of tree, wood can be light and heavy, stiff and flexible, soft and hard. It can be carved, steamed, pressed and shaped in ways limited only by the technical prowess and imagination of its shaper. Humans have used it as a building material since the advent of tools, and contemporary designers often choose it in place of more modern substances like metal and plastic. Here are nine of the craziest things made of wood. (Text: Shea Gunther)

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