11 October 2010

Iconic Statue Makes a Business Stand Out

Adding a Statue can make Your Business Stand Out

If you're looking to add signage to the front of your business, a large bronze statue, sculpture, or fountain could be the way to go. In today's world of constant visual stimulus our attention spans are shorter than ever. We've become blind to standard billboards and other signage. Imagine a horse with blinders on, this has become the way we see the world. With so much visual stimulation, our brain has begun to tune these things out. What does this mean for a business? It means you have an even smaller chance of getting someones attention with a standard flat, lettered sign. Being creative in your approach at getting the attention you want and need for your business is more crucial than ever.

Placing a large, 3 dimensional bronze statue, sculpture, or fountain in front of your business is a great way to get people to stop and look rather than just move past without a second thought. You've now positioned yourself as a landmark rather than just another store or business craving attention. People love statues, they take pictures with them, connect with them, REMEMBER them. By adding a unique work of bronze art to your landscape they're likely to remember your business as well.

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