07 December 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Bronze Sculpture, Statue, or Fountain

10. Limited Production

During the process of these pieces being made the mould has to be broken, this means that no two pieces are exactly alike. And even though they are similar, styles change so pieces regularly stop being reproduced meaning they are usually fairly rare pieces to own.

9. Unique Way to Add Beauty to a Location

Everyone wants to have a beautiful landscape; be it for a home, business, or public park or courtyard. A bronze sculpture, statue, or fountain is a great way to add beauty and elegance to any landscape, garden, or park. Not only does a bronze get attention, it also adds a bit of tranquility that people are just drawn to.

8. Inherent Natural Beauty

Bronze Sculpture has a natural beauty that is unmatched. Bronze sculpture has been around since ancient times and it still holds our fascination as much now as it did then. Seeing a beautiful work of bronze in a park, garden, or landscape inspires people and the imagination. It has become the gold standard for immortalizing and romanticizing the human experience.

7. Bronze has Historical Significance

The advent of bronze in the 3rd millennia BC brought about a huge advancement in metalworking and brought humanity into a more modern era. When you purchase a piece of bronze art, statue or a fountain you are instantly connected to those early beginnings and help to continue the legacy of this magnificent metal alloy.

6. Versatility of Use

Like the ancient cultures that discovered it, our uses for bronze are infinite. Bronze is mainly known for its use as an artistic medium but it's also used for many other things. Architectural elements, boat parts and propellers, automobile elements, musical instruments, and tools are just a few examples of the immense versatility of the bronze alloy. It has been used during every major advancement mankind has had and will continue to do so long into the future.

5. Monumental Sculpture is Iconic

Adding a monumental statue or sculpture to the front of a building instantly makes that location memorable and iconic. A large bronze trumps a large sign every day of the week. People are conditioned to block out signs because there are so many of them. However, a monumental sculpture or statue will always garner attention. This is due to the unique nature of a bronze and because people always remember seeing something out of the ordinary.

4. Bronze has Intrinsic Value

Unlike other materials used for fountains and sculptures, bronze has an inherent value due to the value of the metal contents. Bronze is mostly made of copper which is a commodity that continues to grow in value. So, by getting a piece now, it's value will only increase over time as the metal prices rise. Also, many pieces are very limited production so they will increase in value over time because of their rarity.

3. Owning Bronze is a Status Symbol

Since bronze has intrinsic value due to the metal and the limited production of many of the pieces created, it's often something that not everyone can afford. By purchasing a piece of bronze art or fountain you're telling the world that you've succeeded in life and you're rewarding yourself for all your hard work. A bronze sculpture not only enhances a landscape, it can enhance your standing in the community.

2. Virtually Maintenance Free

Once you've purchased your bronze statue or fountain you've done most of the work. You can put it in place as is or have it professionally installed for added security and stability. And really, that's it. Once in place there's really nothing else to do but enjoy your piece. It will "age" over time and get that statue of liberty look, but it may take 20 or 30 years for it to happen. If you don't want that to happen there are a couple simple solutions to help protect your bronze piece from the elements.

1. It Lasts Forever!

That's right, it really does last forever. Pieces sitting at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea since the Roman and Greek empires are still be pulled up today looking as good as ever. This is due to Bronze's very high resistance to salt water and the elements. So, when you buy a piece of bronze, be it a statue, sculpture, fountain, or fine work of art, you know it will be an heirloom for your family enjoy for many many years to come.

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