13 July 2011

Statues can be fun and funny, just add people

There is something tempting about mans image especially when they can't talk back.
The world which we are part of is full of unusual stuff, creative people that come up with such amazing designs, artifacts and much more things that leave us wondering. Oddstufflab is dedicated to the weird and amazing stuff we think deserve a special mention.

The niche of the the blog is not restricted to amazing art pieces or similar stuff, we have undertaken the task of bringing a smile on your face or I must say talking in length about the major happenings around the world that assure a good dose of laughter.

Talk about Facebook, its as ultimate social communicating platform that lets us know about our family and friends, check the pictures of amazing places our friends have recently visited, chat with them and much more. Seeing the pictures of people standing along with different statues is a good sight but then the pose which people make to get their pictures clicked is what can do the trick.

1 comment:

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