28 May 2010

Celebrating Memorial Day with Tributes and Bronze Statues

This memorial day weekend there will be barbecues, pool parties, and beach goers galore. But there will also be many people that will gather together for the true reason for the holiday, to remember our fallen heroes and memorialize their sacrifice. Here at bigbronze.com, we believe in giving back to those that served and died defending our freedom. Our bronze battlecross was purchased by many towns, organizations, and friends of the fallen that will use it to immortalize the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice. We don't believe in making large profits when it comes to such a solemn occasion, that's why our pricing will always be the very lowest it possibly can be. We want to help those that want to create these memorials by making it as easy as possible for them to purchase our product.

Along with our always absolute low price on the war memorial we also give a wholesale discount to schools, organizations, and municipalities so that they can create a focal point the people in their area will take pride in. Our custom solutions are also done at the lowest possible price while still realizing the vision of those having them done.

Please take a moment this memorial day to honor those that died for our country, they didn't ask for greatness, greatness was thrust upon them. Visit a memorial in your area and pay your respects. One of those is in the town of Wantage, NJ, they sent us a link to their memorial in progress, please take a look at all that goes into creating these beautiful and sacrid places.


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